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Rubber Ring Interface

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    The rubber ring interface is to expand the socket with concave channel at one end of the pipe through an automatic expander, put a flexible rubber sealing ring on it, and insert the other end of the pipe without expanding into the socket with the sealing ring to complete the connection. V-ring is an elastic rubber sealing ring with axial action, which is used for non-pressure sealing of rotating shaft. Seal lip has better mobility and adaptability, can compensate for greater tolerance and angle deviation, can prevent internal grease or oil leakage, also can prevent the invasion of external splash or dust.

    Rubber seal ring is an annular cover consisting of one or more parts, which is fixed on one ring or washer of bearing and contacts with another ring or washer or forms a narrow labyrinth gap to prevent oil leakage and foreign invasion. Brief Description of Product Usage: Used for sealing piston in reciprocating hydraulic cylinder. Scope of application: TPU: General hydraulic cylinder, general equipment hydraulic cylinder. CPU: Hydraulic cylinder for construction machinery and oil cylinder for high temperature and high pressure. Material: Polyurethane TPU, CPU, rubber product hardness: HS85 + 2 A working temperature: TPU: - 40 +80 CPU: - 40 +120 working pressure: < 32Mpa working medium: hydraulic oil, emulsifier.


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